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  • The New G6 at Crowley Lake

    Doug Hamilton shows us the new G6 lure at Crowley Lake

  • The Kosters with four fish

    The Kosters On Fire

    Andrew and Amber Koster took home "Big Fish" trophies on Eagle Lake Opener, May 2019. Hot Ticket "On Fire" was on fire for them!

  • Taira caught a salmon in Alaska

    Catch I Can

    The T in the D&T Tackle with a nice, Ketchikan, Alaskan catch!

  • Brown trout caught at Lake Camanche

    10.4 lb. Brown Trout

    Caught at Camanche Lake by Ken Leonard on 4-21-18 using an Excel Lure.

  • Brian Harris with fish caught at Lake Davis.

    Lake Davis Beauty

    Caught on a Hot Ticket Lure by Brian Harris of Livermore, CA, at Lake Davis.

  • 7.5 lbs New Melones rainbow trout!

    Way to Go, Bill!

    One of the biggest fish caught on one of our lures by Bill Alexander of Lodi, CA. 7.5 lbs New Melones rainbow trout!

  • Mrs. Hamilton with a big fish.

    Nice One, Mrs. Hamilton!

    Hot ticket lures on fire once again on Crowley Lake.

  • Doug Hamilton with big fish and Flaming Frog lure

    Too Easy

    "I worry that they'll make these illegal!" --Doug Hamilton

  • 2012 record trout

    A New Lake Record

    This record 8-pound, 2-ounce rainbow trout was caught at Lake New Melones when John Gray of Sonora hooked into it on a silver/blue Ex-Cel spoon.

  • Steelhead

    Nice Steelhead Erik!

    Caught on an Ex-cel lure.

  • Shasta Lake

    Caught on a gold Ex-cel lure at Shasta Lake by Bob.

  • Paradise Shores RV Park

    Paradise Shores

    2013 Ex-cel winner Brian with friends at Paradise Shores RV Park.

  • Cutthroat and Smoking Perch lure

    Crowley Lake

    Cutthroat caught with a Hot Ticket Smoking Perch lure.

  • Dane's first fish caught on a Hot Ticket Lure.

    8.5 Pound Toad

    1st fish ever caught on a Hot Ticket Lure by Dane Frazer of Chico, CA.

  • Rich Crispi gettin' it done with an Ex-cel lure.

    Gettin’ it Done!

    Rich Crispi gettin' it done w/an Ex-cel -- landlocked steelie.

  • Fred Frazier is doin' it right!

    Doin’ it Right!

    What were you doing over the Thanksgiving weekend? Fred and son in law Dane Frazier were doing it RIGHT! :)

Introducing our newest lure: the G6!

G6 fishing lure

We know it’s going to be a best seller!
Order two now and we will throw in a free lure!

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Hot Ticket Lures
I was fishing Lake Shasta, trolling the same ol’ lure (which will remain nameless in order to protect the innocent) on one side of my boat and Ex-cel on the other. By the end of the day, Ex-cel had out-fished the other lure 3 to 1! At that point, I knew I had to get my hands on more EX-CEL LURES! — Richard Miller, Camarillo, CA

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