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New Tips and Tricks – HotTicket Tips

I’ve pretty much thrown out all my Needlefish since I started using Ex-cel and Hot Ticket spoons. They have a much better action and I’d much rather support local! — John M. McManus of Lincoln, CA.

Hot Ticket Lures,

My wife and I just wanted to say thanks and show off a real nice Cutthroat we caught on Crowley Lake on Thursday. We saw Browns and Cutthroats chasing Perch Fry on our graph. This one chased our Hot Ticket “Smoking Perch” and didn’t get away. The next day on Friday we fished Convict Lake and used “Disco Frog” and “Flaming Frog” for 18 browns and 2 rainbows in 3 hours. Yes, we practice catch and release on most days, that’s why we were able to catch double our limit. Monday we spent less than 3 hours on Silver Lake and caught 10 fish once again using “Flaming Frog”. Our take consisted of a mix bag of Browns and Rainbows. The results we’ve been getting from our new Hot Ticket Lures are outstanding!

Hamilton - Crowley Cutthroat and Smoking Perch Hot Ticket Lure

Thanks again, keep up the good work!

Doug and Karen Hamilton

One of my friends from Quartz Hills, who happens to be one of Southern California’s top trout guides, always caught trophy trout. One day he suggested that I use Ex-cel Lures from a major retailer. I searched their tackle section until I found the Ex-cel shad pattern. I’m so impressed with their variety of high quality trolling lures! They are always improving their product line to include what I call “regional” lures. These lures are made specifically and tested in lakes in our area. This gives me the advantage over other lures that have only limited patterns. The action on the Ex-cel lure is unmatched. And, the little sparkle at the tail of the lure really provokes strikes. I have a full line of Ex-cel lures in my tackle box, as they’re the go-to lure when trolling for those huge trophy trout. — Barry A. Ogawa, San Pedro, CA
I started using Ex-cel Lures about five years ago. I will troll with them all year long. Not only do they catch trout, but I have caught bluegill, crappie, bass and even a catfish every once in awhile too. They are the best lures to use in my opinion. I tell all my friends I will catch 3 fish to every 1 they catch, using another brand of lure. They never let me down. — Erik Hagen, Anaheim, CA
I finally got away to Jackson Meadows just before Thanksgiving. Two of us went and caught 8 fish between us. I caught 5 fish, all on your new lure, Blue Thunder. Biggest of the day was a 3 1/2 rainbow. Ex-cel out-fished worms and several well known lures. — Glenn S. Arceo, Sacramento, CA

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